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Top 3 Architecture Trends in India – Live Life King Size!

Architecture is the collaboration of both the Science and the Art. Both of these branches are combined to create a tranquil space where people will not only observe but experience. As the functioning of a hotel goes, it provides the guests with a calming environment with a comforting ambiance for work, leisure, and rest. The job of an architect is to make the experience of a user memorable through effective spatial design and development.

A great architect will always be an extraordinary visionary who would certainly foresee the future requirements and trends. And the architect becomes truly great when he implements the futuristic architecture in his current works. If you are one such aspiring architect, here are the trends you need to follow in terms of experiencing the success.

So, let’s have a look at the future of Architecture in India and the trends which have to be followed by the architects to develop great structures.

1. Collaboration of Public and Private Sectors

With a plethora of individuals moving to the urban areas for enjoying the lavish facilities and modern lifestyle, the cities and towns are facing a lot of issue regarding space. With the growing number of individuals, space is going down. When it comes to space, traffic jam is one of the unwanted results of such little-unplanned space of the cities. Thus, the jam calls for a proper organization of the space.

Earlier the design of the cities was divided and designated for different purposes and they were labeled differently such as Residential area, Commercial area, and Industrial area. But 2018 and the upcoming years will see them merging for the sake of making the transportation minimal and keeping the residents of the city happy.

2. Increased emphasis on outdoor living

An evolution of the living rooms and dining rooms into common areas has taken place along with an open space layout. As a result, the formal spaces in urban areas are gradually disappearing. Along with the houses are increasingly getting deformalized, the outdoor living will not remain as a myth or an imagination. Even the concept has already been started to be implemented. A few years back we used to see the outdoor areas mainly comprised of the decks, patios, grills, and balcony. But in today’s date, things are changing rapidly. Now, you can see the outdoor kitchens and even the outdoor rooms constructed by some house owners.

3. Eco-Friendliness will Conquer

We have experienced almost everything in terms of eco-friendliness from the green walls, green terrace, green bridges to eco-friendly materials. While there has surely been an effect of eco-friendliness in almost every sort of industry, architecture is no different from the wave of greenery. Even architecture has created new trends and is following them greatly.

Green roofs and walls are two of the most viable examples of the impact of greenery on architecture trends in India. These roof and walls are already getting popularity and it will certainly increase in coming years. On top of all, we are very much likely to see the greenery inside the building as well! One of the most worthwhile examples of the indoor greenery would be the Indoor Parks (which is also considered to be the next big thing in architecture).

Final Words

So, the above are the top 3 architecture trends in India. Whenever individuals opt for buying a house or any construction for any purpose, the architecture will always be one of the biggest factors which will keep them engaged and make them love the place. While a great architecture will impress people, a copied or poor architecture will surely force them to take a step back. So, if you are an aspiring architect, you need to make sure that you are creating something new and fresh. The above trends can build the fundament for you and the rest depends on your creativity.