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Top 3 Architecture Trends in India – Live Life King Size!

Architecture is the collaboration of both the Science and the Art. Both of these branches are combined to create a tranquil space where people will not only obs

Top 4 Crucial Factors to Get Success in Real Estate Development

From a far distance, real estate business may seem to be an easy business where there’s just a little more than arranging the bricks and mortars to constr

How to Find a Great House in Varanasi – 5 Surefire Techniques

Varanasi is one of the most culture-rich places you will ever find in India. The taste and odor of tradition are hard to find elsewhere other than Varanasi. Thi

How to Invest In Real Estate: 4 Options for Real Estate Investing.

Generally, the real estate investing is done in four ways: Purchasing fix-and-flips. Buy-and-hold investing. Purchasing commercial real estate. Buyi

What is Real Estate Crowd funding?

Pools money from multiple investors to fund a project or portfolio of projects. Real estate crowd funding is right for passive accredited and non-accredited inv

How to Start a Real Estate Holding Company or Real Estate LLC.

A real estate holding company is designed to reduce an investor’s personal exposure to the risks and liabilities inherent with owning investment property.

How can anyone increase the loan eligibility ?

There is a mostly Six ways to increase your home loan eligibility There are many things that you need to consider before you take the big step towards buying

Real Estate Business : Terminology

LANDLORD – A Lessor LAND RECORDS – Means records maintained under the provisions of, or for the purposes of, this Code and includes a copy of ma

Real Estate Important Documents.

Here is the important list of documents before buying a property have a checklist with you before finalizing a property deal.   Title & Search re

Top Ten best Tips for Home Sellers in India

Selling your home, especially if it is the first one you have bought is not an easy task. After all it is not just a house made of bricks and mortar it is a pla